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The comfort station is closed but the outside drinking water faucet is now working.


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The RV Dump Station is now open and water is on for rinsing, etc. (5/1/2020)


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Welcome to the Indian Mountain
Metropolitan District


The vision for the District is to sustain the rural landscape and rural lifestyle of the Indian Mountain subdivision. The District shall manage, protect, and conserve its natural resources responsibly, while affording recreation opportunities for the community to experience and enjoy the natural quiet, solitude, peacefulness, serenity, beauty, and natural resources found in IM. Towards achieving this vision, the District provides park, recreation and water services for the Indian Mountain community.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The previous 1972 District Service Plan has been changed effective January 3, 2013, with approval and signature of the Park County Board of County Commissioners. The new Amended and Restated Service Plan, and the outdated 1972 Service Plan, can be found under the Governance button in the left column of this page.


IMMD Community Center and Lodge remain closed due to COVID-19. However, the office will be staffed Wednesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. beginning July 1. If you need keys, RV registration or other office related items, please stop by. Knock on the door and Samantha will assist you. MASKS ARE REQUIRED.



Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 25
Como, Colorado 80432



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