Space permitting, Indian Mountain property owners are permitted to store RV vehicles on the lot at their own risk as long as the vehicles are:

  • Owned by the property owners

  • Properly licensed and insured

  • Current Year Tags

  • All contract requirements are satisfied 

  • A new contract is filled out annually

  • The $25.00 annual fee is paid. (New rate as of January 1, 2012)

Only the vehicles of property owners listed in the Park County Tax Assessor's records as owners of record are permitted to be stored on the lot.  A contract must be signed by the property owner and the IMMD Business Manager before placing a vehicle on the lot.


To register your RV or other trailer (unit) this year (2013) you will need to bring to the IMMD office your completed Agreement (download below), plate registration (current) and proof of IM ownership and pay a fee of $25.00. You will receive a permit sticker that needs to be highly visible on your unit in the storage lot and shows an expiration date. It is your responsibility to renew your permit each year before it expires or remove your unit from the Lot. Remember that trailers must be removed from undeveloped properties in Indian Mountain by November 1, and you may place them back on your property any time after May 1. You may contact the office at 719-836-9043 or Email with questions.


For questions, please call the IMMD Office at (719) 836-9043 and leave a message if the phone is unattended. You can also stop by the office (see the home page for hours).


If you wish to fill out the a form and mail it in, the District mailing address is:


Indian Mountain Metropolitan District
P.O. Box 25
Como, CO 80432
(719) 836-9043


Click here to download the form.


Please fill out the agreement and mail it along with proof of ownership of Indian Mountain property, proof of ownership of the vehicle or unit to be stored on the storage lot, current year tags, proof of insurance of the vehicle or unit and the $25.00 annual fee to IMMD at the address above.